PDR + Hail repair claim and supplement submissions made easy

ClaimDO provides Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair companies with a single channel for simplified insurance claim submissions, supplement submissions, and insurance followups – eliminating the need to navigate complex insurance processes and time-consuming claim follow-ups.

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Why Choose ClaimDO?

ClaimDO is the most effective solution for Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair businesses to simplify insurance claim and supplement submissions. Our service saves you from endless follow-ups and juggling multiple insurance processes and contacts, enabling you to save precious time and focus more on your core business – delivering quality repair services. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind with ClaimDO, your trusted partner in navigating the insurance claim maze.

One Spot to Send your Claims

Send your estimates, supplements, and files to one place, and ClaimDO will submit them through the right process, to the right person, at the right insurance company.

Works with All PDR Estimates

ClaimDO works with any type of PDR estimate, ensuring seamless integration with your current workflow and estimating process.

Rapid Claim Submissions

ClaimDO helps you submit claims within minutes after writing an estimate, minimizing the downtime between when you write an estimate and when you pass it to insurance.

Relentless Followups = Priority

ClaimDO helps make insurance companies prioritize your claims by checking in on each claim up to 4 times per working day.

Create a free account now, and get 4 Credits to try ClaimDO for free – experience the benefits firsthand!

Trusted by over 225 hail, retail, and body shop PDR operations across the US

Proudly Powered by Dent Ops™

Testimonials from Dent Ops™ Partners

Dent Ops has completely changed the way we think about our estimating and repair process. Gone are the days of doing higher quality PDR for far less than conventional cost. Dent Ops has allowed us to spend less time estimating, processing estimates, and negotiating with insurance companies. All while making SIGNIFICANTLY more money per repair.

Fil and Quintin Knutzen

Dentless Hail Repair, Wisconsin (Hail, Retail, and Body Shop Accounts)

Dent Ops is a very valuable strategic service for Dent Shop. We have experienced faster approvals for more money all while making the negotiation with insurance companies easier and more efficient. Also, Dent Ops’ speed and quality of customer service makes it really easy to do business with them. If you manage insurance claims in your PDR business then Dent Ops should be a part of your normal routine.

Paul Kordon

Dent Shop, Virginia (Hail, Retail, and Body Shop Accounts)

Big props to Dent Ops! If you are battling an adjuster to get paid on your standard mtrx estimate give them a try! I had two cars from Geico. They were struggling to hit my numbers so I got with Dent Ops and had them translate my estimates into CCC which cam out higher than mine. I sent them over to Geico and my numbers were matched in 24hrs. This is an awesome resource to have!

Todd Dickerson

TAPS Paintless Dent Repair, Mobile (Hail, Retail, and Body Shop Accounts)

Create a free account now, and get 4 Credits to try ClaimDO for free – experience the benefits firsthand!

Included with Every ClaimDO Submission…

Shop + Payment Confirmation

ClaimDO will confirm your shop and contact info as the customers’ chosen repair facility, collect confirmation for any payments that have already been issued, and attempt to reissue any existing payments directly to you.

Unlimited Followups Until Confirmation

After ClaimDO submits your claim documents to insurance, we’ll continue to follow up with insurance up to 4 times per working day per claim until we confirm that insurance has received and is actively processing your files.

Powerful ClaimDO Summary

When we hand a claim back over to you, we’ll share a ClaimDO summary with the important claim details, summaries and recorded call links for every insurance followup, and our recommended next steps to keep you moving in the right direction.

One Free Re-Submission

Whether insurance “never got” your documentation, or you just need a second submission… If for any reason you need to re-submit the same estimate and documents over to insurance, we’ll take care of it for free once per ClaimDO Submission.

Extra Benefits with Dent Ops Estimates…

Estimate Optimization + Insurance-Preferred

Translate your estimate into the insurance-preferred CCC format, and optimize it to find any missing operations + accurate comparative pricing.

Simpler ClaimDO Submissions

Send your Dent Ops estimates to ClaimDO directly from your Partner Portal or estimate delivery emails with just a couple of clicks.

Total Loss Protection

Avoid vehicles being declared as total losses with proactive measures to ensure repair estimates stay below the total loss thresholds.

Create a free account now, and get 4 Credits to try ClaimDO for free – experience the benefits firsthand!

Simple Pricing…

$100 Pay-Per-Claim

Add a payment method to your account, submit your claims, and we’ll automatically charge your payment method upon delivery – no invoices, no subscriptions, no hassles

1 Credit Per Claim

Use your free credits or purchase credit packages, submit your claims, and we’ll automatically charge your account credits upon delivery.

(Credit packages can get you discounts on Dent Ops services!)

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up for a free account, and get 4 Credits to try ClaimDO for free

Step 2

Submit any PDR estimate to ClaimDO via Email or your Partner Portal.

Step 3

ClaimDO submits your estimate to the right insurance company and follows up to ensure active claim processing.

Step 4

Monitor the ClaimDO status and access relevant documents through your Partner Portal.

Create a free account now, and get 4 Credits to try ClaimDO for free – experience the benefits firsthand!

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