PDR + Hail repair claim and supplement submissions made easy

ClaimDO provides Paintless Dent Repair and Auto Hail Repair companies with a single channel for simplified insurance claim and supplement submissions – eliminating the hassle of navigating complex insurance processes and time-consuming claim follow-ups.

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Why Choose ClaimDO?

Rapid Claim Submissions

Submit claim documentation within minutes of completing an estimate, and regularly follow up to ensure claims are getting processed.

Compatible with All PDR Estimates

ClaimDO accepts any type of PDR estimate, ensuring seamless integration with your current workflow.

Improved Efficiency

Reduce administrative workload and let your team focus on providing quality PDR services.

Increased Claim Approval Rates

Benefit from our expertise and systematic approach to insurance claim processing and submissions.

Extra Benefits with Dent Ops Estimates

Simpler ClaimDO Submissions

Send your Dent Ops estimates to ClaimDO directly from your Partner Portal or estimate delivery emails with just a few clicks.

Insurance Supplement Summary

Receive a detailed comparison of your Dent Ops estimate vs the latest insurance-approved estimate, simplifying the adjuster’s job and expediting claim approvals.

Total Loss Protection

Avoid vehicles being declared as total losses with proactive measures that ensure repair estimates stay below total loss thresholds.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up for a free account.

Step 2

Submit any PDR estimate to ClaimDO via Email or your Partner Portal.

Step 3

ClaimDO submits your estimate to the right insurance company and follows up to ensure active claim processing.

Step 4

Monitor the ClaimDO status and access relevant documents through your Partner Portal.

What People Are Saying About ClaimDO

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Customer Since 2014

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